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Fire and Ice Fandom's Journal

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  2008.07.29  19.37
All That I'm Living For (HP fanfic, D/G)

Title of Fic: All That I'm Living For
Author Name: japjen
Chapter:  One Shot (sort of)
Category:  Angst
Rating:  PG-13 (themes)
Summary:  AU.  Ginny and Draco got together during Ginny's fifth year.  After a particularly nasty fight, she pushed him away because he reminded her of Tom; she was scared of what might happen again.

Disclaimers: I benefit nothing from borrowing the HP universe other than the enjoyment of the opportunity to write little things like this.  Also, this one-shot is inspired by the song "All That I'm Living For" by Evanescence.

  This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction. If you review, PLEASE be honest, not purposefully nice!!  If you don't like it I wanna know why, even though I do hope you enjoy it.  Please review :)!  This was originally designed to be a later chapter in a longer fic but is currently the only written chapter but works as a one shot.  If I ever write the rest of the story, I will be sure to remove this and post it in sequence.

It can be found at my journal below:


(how do I make that hyperlink look like a word without using html?)


  2006.10.12  22.32

Artist :[info]lysel
Title : Lolita
Characters: Ginny Weasley
Rating: G
Warnings: no

Media used: pencil, ink, photoshop
Challenge: no
Would you like constructive comments? Yes please!! :D
Is this a WIP (Work In Progress) ? no
Comment : first attempt with my tablet

sorry for X-posting !!


  2005.11.21  19.39

Hi there !

Just to say that I've finished all my plushies.

here's D&G

more on my LJ

And sorry for X-posting !!!


  2005.08.30  15.15

Hi !


I've scanned another old sketch.

it's on my LJ

I hope you'll like it :)

Sorry for X-posting


  2005.07.19  01.43

Hi there !

a new post on my LJ..

but it's an old sketch

I hope you'll like it anyway :)

sorry for X posting


  2004.09.28  15.01
new member ;)

Hello ! I just joined the community

Here's a little gift to all D/G shippers

actually it's a old pic from my website, i'll post new ones ASAP !

Mood: amused

  2004.05.03  15.21
some really good d/g ficcies

hello everyone! i just joined this community. i'm a huge d/g shipper. anyways, here's some really good d/g ficcies:




Mood: chipper

  2004.02.15  01.37
Two Good Stories, I WROTE

This is the links to two D/G stories I wrote in my Journal for those of you who want to read them.

Try Honesty

These Days

I hope you like those, and I will continue to post links to some of my Fave D/G fics. I will also be adding them to the memories sections.

Here is another one that kaz814wrote:

Say a little Prayer

Mood: artistic

  2003.12.08  00.19
any good ones?

well it seems that all of the good fanfiction has dwindled down into nothingness. i cannot find a good d/g fic anywhere! anybody have any suggestions? i'm getting bored without it...


Mood: sick

  2003.10.30  22.16
This Journal

This journal has a free journal now, the first person to tell me they would like a journal can get it. But you will have to wait the week for me to get the next free code. Just tell me what you want your username to be.

[edit]Journal has been used[edit]

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  2003.10.21  20.25

I would like to welcome anyone who wants to join the FireNIce4eva group. Everyone is welcome. This group is dedicated to Ginny/Draco fans.

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